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the collection

The collection consists of 4 pieces, each made of 4 tiles, in the traditional blue of Portuguese tile in which the drawing, created by the artist and hand painted by Viúva Lamego’s artisans, stands out through relief.

This collection born from the collaboration between Add Fuel and Viúva Lamego stands out in both modernity and heritage, history and innovation, technique and craft, carves the importance of valuing different arts to create something that wants to be, above all, relevant.

This is a limited collection available until September 2021.


the collaboration

To tell the story of Viúva Lamego
is to tell the story of
Portuguese tile art.
Born in 1849, the pottery workshop
in António Costa Lamego's Intendente
turned into a factory, becoming
one of the most iconic buildings in the city,
from which tiles where exported to
all over the world.
Some of the most relevant public art works
of the 20th century
were born from the usual collaboration
of its artisans with plastic artists.
Experienced, knowledgeable and secular,
Viúva Lamego is also always
innovative, artistic and relevant.

To tell the story of Add Fuel
is a journey through the world of urban art
that intersects with tiles.
Born in 1980, he went
from drawing on paper
to paint on murals, becoming
one of the most interesting artists of his generation,
exhibiting in galleries
all over the globe.
From his reinvention of decorative tiles,
were created pieces that cross
the language of urban aesthetic and illustration
to create new forms of art.
His work can be presented in different shapes,
colours and places, and is always
emotional, poetic and relevant.

how to buy

To purchase one of the pieces of this collection, choose the piece and the quantity, fill in the form and press ‘submit’. Your request will be answered and processed by Viúva Lamego.
Price range is from 18€ to 30€ per unit, depending on your order, as prices varies per quantity. Please wait for contact with your final estimate.
Each tile is 14 x 14 cm, hand painted with high temperature ink on bass relief glazed tile.

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how to customize

This collection was designed to enable the possibility of creating a unique tile panel, with a custom size, combining different pieces and techniques. For this option, please fill in the form. You will be contacted to complete your order.
Custom panels start at a minimum of 2 x 2 mt (4 m2).

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